Q6: Is the limit imposed by ISO/IEC 27006 (maximum 30% of remote audit) still valid?

ISO/IEC 27006 was published in 2015, while IAF MD4 was published in 2018 (Issue 2, Issued 04 July 2018, application from 04 July 2019). So, considering the specific circumstances, for ISO/IEC 27006 the relevant rules of IAF MD4 also are applicable. This means that it is possible to adopt to ISO/IEC 27006 the MD4 approach, that is to exceed 30% “off-site” and allow a 100% off-site, during this COVID-19 period. Also during the COVID-19 period, where remote auditing exceeds 30% due to the COVID provisions, there is no need for the Certification Body to obtain approval as required by ISO/IEC 27006: B.3.2.

(Updated 13 June 2020)