Q15: What will happen to the Migration period for ISO 45001; will it be extended?

A15: OHSAS 18001 certification can be extended by up to six months as detailed in FAQ 10. This means that transition period for migrating accredited certifications from OHSAS 18001:2007 to ISO 45001:2018 is extended to: 30 September 2021.

The audit for migration can be done with remote auditing techniques, following what was already clarified in Q5.

(Answer published on 3 April and updated 11/04/2020 with blue text)

Q14: For OH&SMS, according to IAF MD5:2019 (applicable from 7 May 2020), remote auditing techniques shall be limited to reviewing documents/records and to interviewing staff and workers. In addition for OH&SMS, process control and OH&S risk control cannot be audited using remote audit techniques. Considering the specific circumstances, is this valid?

A14: No, considering the specific circumstances, and that the applicability of IAF MD5:2019 has been extended from 7 May 2020 to 7 November 2020 (see Q24), the restriction placed on remote audit activities by IAF MD 5 shall not apply. This means that process control and OH&S risk control can be audited using remote audit techniques until the end of the COVID-19 emergency.

Posted 1st of April and updated the 26th of April