Q31: According to ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Clause, planning for recertification shall conducted in due time to enable for timely renewal before the certificate expiry date. Is this clause still valid?

A31: IAF FAQ 10 allows the recertification date to be extended up to six months, which would allow the planning to be extended accordingly. If that six months may not provide sufficient opportunities for CBs to conclude recertification audits, the decision on recertification must be made within 3 months of the lifting of restrictions (e.g. travel) that were preventing the on-site audit taking place. However, if this time-frame, from the certification date exceeds 12 months, the CB should complete the reassessment as possible using remote means for witnessing the certified processes during their execution (real-time video of production and workplaces remotely guided by the auditor and/or review by the auditor of recorded videos in those areas where no direct connection is available, with a possible request of specific new partial video, when deemed necessary). In all those cases where the processes cannot be remotely assessed in an effective way to the satisfaction of the team leader, the certification scope shall be partially reduced consequently or the certificate shall be completely withdrawn, and a new initial audit will be required. In any case, a decision shall be made taking also into consideration the updated risk associated with the operational control capability of the organization in the COVID 19 emergency conditions and the type of certification scheme.